Only The Best Is Our Mission
About Us

HUGE PICTURES, LLC established in 1995 by Greg Huge, who is the CEO of the company. We are a company that believes out of the unknown comes greatness, and has pledged “Our Mission: Only The Best.”  We are dedicated to making exquisite feature films from different genres.  We are a company that is tirelessly  in search of unique and great stories to tell on the big screen.  Each film that has been completed or is in development with the company is a story that has the ability to touch the hearts of people of all cultures.  In this day and age we as a company believe that its not the color of a characters skin, but the content of the story that grips people.

There are many writers in the world, but there are very few great scripts that can make the transition from script to screen. Therefore, we are constantly on the lookout for that unique film script that will be viewed from the big screen as a classic for all times. 

  Out Of The Unknown...Comes Greatness.
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